Cycling Garden

Here Is a Small Assortment of Yellowy Goodness

I rode up the Emma McCrary Trail to the UCSC campus yesterday. At the base of EMT there was an Acacia tree covered in tiny yellow puffy flowers. I took a bunch of photos but couldn’t really capture the magic of the tree. After fiddling around with the photos when I got home, I decided that the way to go is to focus on the flower (no pun intended). So, without further ado, here are a few variations on what I saw.

Acacia tree in full bloom. I just learned they are called Wattle trees in Australia.


A closeup of the tiny flowers. They are less than 1/2″ wide, and they remind me of some sort of undersea creature.


The tree was getting a lot of business from bees. I lost count around 20.


And just for fun I maxed out the saturation. The effect is rather like lobby art in a tropical hotel. Look close and you’ll see another bee in the upper left quadrant.

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