One Photo, Five Different Ways to Look at It

I took this photo on the last leg of my ride at Fort Ord last weekend. The view is from Sandy Ridge, looking out over the Salinas Valley near the intersection of Reservation Road and Highway 68. There is a lot of interesting detail in the photo when you zoom in, but the overall composition was pretty interesting too. To try and get the best of both worlds I poked around with the temperature and tint, hoping to punch up the detail a bit. The resulting colors are not the least bit natural but they were so visually compelling that I decided to do a series of the same photo.

This is the original. Cropped, but otherwise it’s straight out of the camera.


This one reminds me of vintage linen post cards.


High temp, low tint.


+100 temp, -100 tint.


Low temp, high tint.


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