Sometimes Things Really Are Black and White

Yesterday was trail work day with my mountain bike club at Fort Ord. Afterwards I rode the trails around Creekside Terrace, mostly the 30’s and 70’s. The terrain on that side of the monument is steeper and a little more technical than the 8th and Gigling trailhead side where I usually ride out of. The position of the sun and the shadows on the trail either washed out or blacked out everything I was trying to photograph. I decided if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, and went with a black and white approach. It’s fun when the conditions force you to work a little harder and be more creative.┬áMy expectations were pretty low but I did end up with a few nice shots.

A cluster of Manzanita trees. I love how the trunks and branches have a swirly growth pattern.


The Manzanita canopy. I really like the visual texture of this shot.


Manzanita Road, between trails 76 and 78. The doubletrack makes reminds me of a country road.


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